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The Cleburne Times Review Sports is an online source of news and information about the local athletics of Cleburne, Texas. It is updated regularly with stories, photos, and videos about local sports teams, athletes, coaches, and other members of the Cleburne community. The Times Review Sports section also offers an extensive coverage of high school sports, including game recaps, player profiles, and statistical analysis. In addition, the site provides news and updates about college athletics, college recruiting, and professional sports. With its comprehensive coverage of local sports, the Cleburne Times Review Sports is the go-to source for all things sports in Cleburne.

High School Sports

Cleburne Times Review Sports is your go-to source for local high school sports news and updates. We provide comprehensive coverage of all the latest developments, from scores to stats to standings, and everything in between. Our team of experienced journalists works hard to bring you the most up-to-date information on local teams, players, and coaches. We cover all the top schools, as well as smaller ones, and always make sure to provide an in-depth analysis of each game we cover. With our comprehensive coverage, you can always stay on top of the latest high school sports news in the Cleburne area. So if you want to know what’s happening in local sports, you can always count on Cleburne Times Review Sports to keep you in the know.

College Sports

College sports are more than just a game. They are a way to bring together student athletes, alumni, and fans in a culture of excitement and school pride. The Cleburne Times Review Sports section covers college sports from all angles. From predictions and analysis to game-day previews and recaps, our staff brings readers the best in college sports coverage. We provide fans with the latest news, scores, highlights, and statistics. We also feature interviews with coaches and players, plus exclusive stories on teams, programs, and more. Our writers have in-depth knowledge of college sports and can provide insight into the latest trends and happenings. Whether it’s a conference rivalry or a bowl game, the Cleburne Times Review Sports section will bring our readers all the action they’re looking for.

Professional Sports

Teams in Cleburne

Professional sports teams are a great way to bring people together, and Cleburne is no exception. From the minor league baseball team to the Class 4A football team, the city offers a variety of opportunities to catch top-notch athletic action. The Cleburne Times Review covers all the major teams, providing readers with timely coverage of every game.

The Cleburne Railroaders minor league baseball team is the city’s most popular team and has seen great success in recent years, making it to the playoffs in 2019. The team plays at the Depot at Cleburne Station, located in the heart of downtown. The team’s games are well attended and many locals consider them to be the pride of the city.

The Cleburne Yellow Jackets football team is another local favorite. The team competes in the Class 4A division and prides itself on its strong defense and powerful offense. The team plays at Cleburne High School’s stadium, and the games are always well attended.

The city also has a soccer team, the Cleburne Chasers, which competes in the Heartland Soccer Association. The team plays home games at the Cleburne Soccer Complex and has had some recent success, making it to the playoffs in 2020.

For fans of professional sports, Cleburne has plenty to offer. With a variety of teams to choose from, residents and visitors alike will find something to cheer for in this great city. The Cleburne Times Review is the best source for news and information on the city’s teams so don’t forget to tune in for all the latest updates.

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Local and Regional Sports


The Cleburne Times Review is your one-stop shop for all of your local and regional sports news. From professional teams and athletes to college and high school sports, the CTR provides comprehensive sports coverage from around the area. With professional-level analysis and expert opinions, the CTR is the go-to source for the latest sports news. Our team of experienced reporters covers breaking news, scores, and important developments in the sports world, from the thrilling highs of championship victories to the heartbreaking lows of heartbreaking losses. Plus, we provide in-depth analysis and interviews with athletes, coaches, and other experts, giving readers a deeper understanding of the stories they care about. So if you’re looking for the latest sports news and analysis, look no further than the Cleburne Times Review!

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports have become an increasingly popular pastime for sports fans, and the Cleburne Times Review Sports provides the perfect platform to join in the fun. By participating in fantasy sports, fans can become the manager of their own virtual teams, selecting players from a variety of sports leagues and constructing a winning lineup. Through fantasy sports, fans can experience the thrill of competition, while also honing their managerial and analytical skills.

The Cleburne Times Review Sports offers an extensive selection of fantasy sports leagues, allowing players to compete in tournaments and leagues that span across all major sports, including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and more. With detailed team and player analysis as well as up-to-date news and stats, fans can customize their teams to their own strategy and vision. The Cleburne Times Review Sports also offers a variety of interactive features for fans, allowing them to interact with other players in the fantasy league and discuss trades and strategies.

In addition to the competitive aspect of fantasy sports, the Cleburne Times Review Sports also offers a variety of educational resources, such as fantasy sports tutorials and expert advice from experienced players. This helps players to become more knowledgeable and successful in their fantasy sports endeavors.

The Cleburne Times Review Sports is a great way for sports fans to get involved in the world of fantasy sports. With its extensive selection of leagues, interactive features, and educational resources, fantasy sports fans can immerse themselves in the excitement and competition of the game. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the Cleburne Times Review Sports provides a fun and rewarding experience.

Outdoors and Recreation

Cleburne Times Review Sports Outdoors and Recreation provides readers with a comprehensive look at outdoor recreation in the Cleburne area. From camping and hiking in nearby state parks to kayaking and fishing on Lake Pat Cleburne, this section has something for everyone. We cover the latest outdoor gear, news, and trends, and provide tips and advice on safety, conservation, and sustainability. We also feature stories from our local outdoor enthusiasts, highlighting their favorite activities and providing insightful information on how to make the most of outdoor activities. Whether you’re looking for a new adventure or simply want to enjoy the beauty of nature, this section has something for you. Get ready to explore the great outdoors and find out why Cleburne is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors.

FAQs About the Cleburne Times Review Sports

1. What type of sports coverage does the Cleburne Times Review provide?
The Cleburne Times Review provides comprehensive coverage of local and regional sports, including high school, college, and professional teams.

2. How often is the Cleburne Times Review Sports section updated?
The Cleburne Times Review Sports section is updated daily with the latest news, scores, and stats.

3. Does the Cleburne Times Review provide online access to its sports content?
Yes, the Cleburne Times Review provides online access to its sports content, including videos, photo galleries, and more.


The Cleburne Times Review Sports section provides readers with up-to-date news and information on local sports teams, players, and events. It is an excellent source of information for those looking to stay informed about their favorite teams and athletes. The coverage is comprehensive and provides readers with an in-depth look at the latest news and developments. The Cleburne Times Review Sports section is an invaluable resource for sports fans.

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