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Eastpoint Sports Axe Throw is an exciting new game that combines the traditional axe throwing sport with a fun, competitive party atmosphere. Players take turns throwing axes at a target to score points. The goal is to get the highest score possible, while trying to beat the other players. Eastpoint Sports Axe Throw is perfect for any outdoor gathering, from family reunions to company get-togethers. With its easy-to-learn rules and exciting gameplay, it’s a great way to add some extra excitement and friendly competition to any event.

Overview of Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is an exciting sport that is gaining popularity in the United States and around the world. It involves throwing an axe at a target from a fixed distance. Eastpoint Sports is one of the leading suppliers of axe throwing sets, providing high-quality equipment at an affordable price. This article will provide an overview of axe throwing, including the history, benefits, and safety tips.

Axe throwing is believed to have originated in the 17th century as a means of training warriors for battle. Today, it is a popular recreational activity, often seen at festivals and carnivals. Axe throwing is a fun and thrilling way to test your accuracy and precision. It also provides a great way to spend time with friends and family.

Axe throwing can provide multiple health benefits. It can help improve muscular strength and coordination, as well as reduce stress and anxiety. It can also boost confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, playing axe throwing is a great way to socialize with people and build relationships.

It is important to ensure safety when playing axe throwing. Make sure you are using the correct safety equipment, such as safety glasses and closed-toe shoes. Additionally, always throw the axe away from people and in the direction of the target. Finally, be sure to follow all rules and regulations at your axe throwing venue.

Eastpoint Sports provides everything you need to get started with axe throwing, from starter sets to advanced sets. Make sure to check out their selection of axe throwing sets today and start exploring this exciting sport.

Benefits of Axe Throwing

Axe throwing has become an increasingly popular activity in recent years, and Eastpoint Sports Axe Throw is a great way to experience the sport. Axe throwing is a fun, exciting, and unique way to bond with friends and family while also challenging yourself physically and mentally. Not only is axe throwing a great way to de-stress, but it also offers several additional benefits.

Axe throwing is a full-body workout. It requires you to use your core, arms, and legs to generate power and accuracy. This makes it a great way to stay in shape while having fun. Additionally, axe throwing helps improve coordination and concentration. It requires you to focus on the target and coordinate your movements to ensure accuracy. This helps to improve hand-eye coordination and mental focus.

Axe throwing is also an excellent way to build confidence. It’s a competitive activity that requires you to push yourself in order to succeed. As you practice and become more proficient, you’ll gain confidence in your abilities. This can then be transferred to other areas of your life.

Eastpoint Sports Axe Throw is a great way to experience the benefits of axe throwing. With their safe and secure environment, experienced instructors, and multiple levels of play, they’re sure to make your axe throwing experience enjoyable and rewarding. So, if you’re looking for a great way to challenge yourself and have some fun, axe throwing is a great option.

Axe Throwing Safety

Axe throwing is a popular recreational activity that has been growing in popularity lately. However, safety should always be the number one priority when engaging in this activity. When done correctly, axe throwing can be a great way to have fun and relieve stress. To ensure the safest possible experience, there are several important safety precautions to keep in mind.

For starters, never throw an axe at a person or object that you don’t want to hit. Knowledge of the axe’s trajectory and trajectory change is essential. Always be aware of where the axe is going to land and never throw an axe at someone who is not wearing protective gear. It is also important to wear protective gear such as helmets and eye protection when axe throwing.

Proper form and technique should also be observed. Beginners should always practice under the guidance of trained professionals. Wearing the correct clothing is also important, as loose-fitting clothing can be hazardous when handling an axe.

Finally, it is important to maintain a clean and organized workspace when axe throwing. This includes keeping the floor clear of debris and clutter and making sure all axes are properly stored and out of the way. Following these tips can help ensure a safe and enjoyable axe throwing experience.

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Eastpoint Sports Axe Throwing Set

Axe throwing is one of the fastest-growing recreational activities of the 21st century. While it may have been traditionally associated with lumberjacks and wilderness, axe throwing is quickly becoming a popular pastime for all types of people. For those looking to get in on the action, the Eastpoint Sports Axe Throwing Set is the perfect way to get started.

This set includes two professional-grade throwing axes, a regulation-size cornhole board, and twelve foam-tipped safety axes. It is designed for both beginner and experienced players, and can easily be set up in any backyard or park. The included axes are made of lightweight aluminum, and feature a unique ergonomic design that makes throwing easy and comfortable.

The Eastpoint Sports Axe Throwing Set also comes with a comprehensive set of instructions, making it easy for even first-time axe throwers to get started. It also features a detailed scoring system that allows players to track their progress and measure their progress against others.

Whether you’re looking to take on a few friends in a friendly competition, or just want to practice your skills in the backyard, the Eastpoint Sports Axe Throwing Set is the perfect way to get started. With its wide variety of features, it’s sure to provide hours of fun and excitement.

Setting Up an Axe Throwing Competition

Axe throwing is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, and it’s easy to see why. It’s fun, competitive, and can bring a group of friends together in a unique way. Whether you’re hosting a tournament for a group of close friends or looking to set up a tournament at a larger venue, setting up an axe throwing competition can be a lot of fun.

Organizing an axe throwing tournament isn’t as hard as it may seem. With the right supplies and some careful planning, you can set up an axe throwing tournament that everyone will remember. The first step is to decide where you would like to host the tournament and what kind of equipment you will need. Eastpoint Sports has everything you need to host a successful tournament. From throwing axes to targets and scoreboards, they have everything you need to make your tournament run smoothly.

Next, you need to decide on the rules for your competition. The most popular format for axe throwing tournaments is the “target-based” format. This format requires players to compete in teams and throw their axes at a target. The team that hits the most targets is the winner. Other rules like time limits, points per target, and the number of throws per round can also be set up to create a unique and exciting tournament.

Finally, you’ll need to decide on prizes for the winners and any additional activities that you’d like to offer during the tournament. Prizes can range from gift cards to Eastpoint Sports products to trophies or other awards. You can also offer food and drinks, music, and other activities to keep the tournament lively.

With the right supplies and a little bit of planning, you can set up an axe throwing tournament that everyone will remember. With Eastpoint Sports, you can find the perfect supplies to make your tournament a success. So, come on in and set up your own axe throwing tournament today!

Tips for Axe Throwing Success

Axe throwing is a rapidly growing sport, and with Eastpoint Sports at the forefront of the trend, there’s no better time to test your axe throwing skills. While it may look intimidating at first, with a bit of practice and some helpful tips, even a novice can become an axe throwing champion. Here are a few tips to help you hone your axe throwing skills and become a true master of the game.

Start with a light axe. It can be tempting to go for a heavier axe when you first start out, but it’s important to remember that a heavier axe is more difficult to control and can lead to a lot of missed throws. Don’t be afraid to start with a lighter axe and work your way up as your skill level increases.

Practice your stance. Your stance is the foundation of a good throw and can make all the difference in your accuracy. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart, your weight is evenly distributed, and your throwing arm is straight. This will help you maintain balance and consistency when throwing.

Focus on your aim. It’s important to focus on the target and ensure that your axe is thrown through the center of the target. Visualize the target before you throw and aim for the center.

Get the right grip. Your grip is the key to a successful throw. Make sure your fingers are securely wrapped around the handle, and your hand is firmly placed on the axe head. This will help you control the axe and keep it on its intended path.

With these tips, you’ll be able to master the art of axe throwing in no time. So, grab an Eastpoint Sports axe, find a target, and get throwing!

FAQs About the Eastpoint Sports Axe Throw

Q: What type of axe is used for Eastpoint Sports Axe Throw?
A: Eastpoint Sports Axe Throw uses a single-bit, solid steel axe with a rubberized handle for a secure grip.

Q: What is the safety protocol for Eastpoint Sports Axe Throw?
A: All participants must wear closed-toed shoes, read and understand the safety instructions, and sign a waiver before participating. An on-site safety instructor will be available to provide additional instruction and oversee the game.

Q: What is the recommended age for Eastpoint Sports Axe Throw?
A: Eastpoint Sports Axe Throw is recommended for ages 12 and up. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


Eastpoint Sports Axe Throw is an exciting and unique game that will provide hours of fun for friends and family. Whether you are looking for a way to pass the time or you are a competitive axe thrower, Eastpoint Sports Axe Throw has something for everyone. The game’s bright and colorful design, as well as its easy-to-understand instructions make it a great choice for all ages. With its sturdy construction and quality materials, Eastpoint Sports Axe Throw is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

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