Will There Be Sports In Heaven

The question of whether or not there will be sports in Heaven has been debated for centuries. Some people believe that sports are a human invention and therefore should not be included in Heaven while others feel that sports can be a way to honor God and bring people together in a positive way. The Bible does not provide a direct answer to this question, so it is ultimately up to individuals to decide for themselves what they believe. However, there are some clues that suggest that sports could be included in the afterlife. For example, some Christians believe that there will be a “new Heaven” in which all believers will be able to engage in activities that were enjoyed on Earth, such as sports. Ultimately, the answer to this question is a personal one and each individual will have to make up their own mind about what they believe.

What Scripture Says about Sports in Heaven

The Bible is full of references to sports and recreation in Heaven. Scripture mentions a variety of activities, including running, jumping, and playing on instruments. But will there be sports in Heaven?

The answer is yes! Numerous passages in the Bible point to the fact that sports will be a part of life in Heaven. For example, Psalm 19:5-6 states, “Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice; let the sea roar, and all that fills it; let the field exult, and everything in it!” This verse implies that the joy of sports will be found in Heaven.

The book of Revelation also mentions a great multitude playing musical instruments and singing. This could be a reference to sports teams in Heaven. Moreover, Isaiah 25:8 says, “He will swallow up death forever; and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces.” This verse could be interpreted to mean that there will be activities that bring joy and laughter to Heaven, such as sports.

Ultimately, while it is impossible to know for sure what sports will be available in Heaven, it is clear that the Bible leaves room for the possibility. The Bible does not specifically mention any specific sports, but it does provide clues that suggest sports will be enjoyed in the afterlife.

What We Can Expect from Sports in Heaven

Sports have always been a big part of many people’s lives. Whether it’s the joy of playing a game with friends or watching a professional team compete, sports bring us together and give us a chance to enjoy life. But what happens when we die and go to heaven? Will there be sports in heaven?

In the Bible, we get a glimpse of what sports in heaven might look like. In the book of Revelation, John describes a great white throne where Jesus sits and presides over the judgment of the dead. Just as in life, there will be teams and players competing against each other in games of skill and strategy. But in heaven, these games will be played with the utmost holiness and reverence for God.

The games in heaven will be different from the ones we play here on earth. They will be much more intense and exciting, with the stakes much higher. In addition, the physical laws of nature will be subject to the will of God, so the impossible can become possible. There won’t be any injuries or fouls, and all players will be perfectly equal in strength, skill, and endurance. No one will be hindered by age or disability.

In the end, we can only speculate on what sports in heaven will be like. But we can be sure that they will be filled with joy and glory as we join in the ultimate game—the one where we will eternally praise and worship God.

How Our Enjoyment of Sports May Be Different in Heaven

Sports fans around the world often debate about which team is the best, which player is the greatest, and even which sport is the most important. But what if the answer to all of these questions is that none of these earthly games matter in the realm of eternity? Will there be sports in heaven?

The Bible is clear that in heaven, we will have perfect, eternal joy and happiness. This means that the kind of sports we enjoy on earth will be different in the kingdom of heaven. That being said, there are a few clues in the Bible that can help us understand what sports in heaven might look like.

First of all, it’s important to remember that sports on earth are often focused on the idea of “winning” and “losing”. In heaven, these concepts will not exist. Instead, the focus of sports in heaven will be on fellowship, friendship, and meaningful connection with others.

In addition, sports in heaven will be about the joy of physical activity and movement. Instead of competition, sports in heaven will be about connecting with others, enjoying the beauty of creation, and celebrating life.

Finally, we can be sure that whatever sports we engage in in heaven, they will be pure and holy. We won’t have to worry about the negative aspects of the sports we play here on earth, such as drugs, cheating, or violence.

Ultimately, we don’t know all the details about what sports will be like in heaven, but we can look forward to a future where we can engage in physical activities that are free of the things that can ruin sports here on earth. We can look forward to a time where we can enjoy the fellowship, friendship, and meaningful connection that comes through sports in a perfect and holy environment.

Will There Be Sports in Heaven? Billy Graham
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How Sports in Heaven Could Help Us Connect with God

We all know that sports are an important part of life and bring joy to many. But what if there were sports in heaven? What if we could have a connection with God through sports? It’s an interesting thought to consider.

Sports in heaven could be a way for us to reach out to God and gain a deeper understanding of his love. We could find ways to connect with him through the game, the people we compete against, and the lessons we learn. The competition would be intense, but the rewards could be great.

Sports in heaven could also be a way for us to bond with one another. We could come together and celebrate God’s love for us by competing with each other. We could find ways to support and encourage each other in the game. We could also learn to appreciate different cultures through our competition.

Sports in heaven could help us learn the value of perseverance and hard work. We could learn how to set goals and work hard to achieve them. We could also learn how to handle failure and be resilient in the face of adversity.

Finally, sports in heaven could bring us closer to God. We could use the game to praise him and thank him for his blessings. We could find ways to use our talents to glorify him. We could learn to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

In conclusion, sports in heaven could bring us closer to God and give us a deeper understanding of his love. It could be a way for us to bond with each other and learn valuable lessons. So, what do you think? Will there be sports in heaven?

What Kinds of Sports Might Be Played in Heaven


Sports have been an integral part of humanity for centuries, but what happens when we leave this world and enter the afterlife? Will there be any sports in heaven, or will we all be too busy praising the Lord to focus on other activities? This is a question that has been asked by many, and while it impossible to know the answer for sure, there is no harm in speculating what kinds of sports may be played in heaven.

In the Bible, we know that angels enjoy playing harps and singing hymns in praise of the Lord, but what else do they do for recreation? Some speculation suggests that angels could play games such as tag, hide-and-seek, and even sports such as soccer, basketball, and baseball. Such sports could not only provide entertainment for the angels, but could also serve as a metaphor for the spiritual battles and struggles that all believers face in life.

Another intriguing possibility is that sports in heaven may take on a more heavenly form. For example, it is possible that angels might play a game of “eternal dodgeball” where the players never tire and the ball never stops bouncing. Or perhaps, they could play a game of “eternal tug-of-war” where the participants never tire and the rope never breaks. Whatever the case may be, it is certain that sports in heaven would be vastly different than what we are used to on earth.

At the end of the day, we can only speculate what kind of sports may be played in heaven. However, what we can say for sure is that whatever form of recreation angels engage in, it will surely be heavenly in every way.

How We Can Prepare Now for Sports in Heaven

Sports have been a part of our lives since antiquity, and it is a deeply ingrained part of our cultures. But what will it be like to play sports in heaven? Will there be sports in heaven? The answer is yes, and we can start to prepare now for sports in heaven.

One of the most important ways we can prepare for sports in heaven is to live a life that honors God and is pleasing to Him. We need to strive to be obedient to His will and to show our love for Him through our actions and our words. If we do this, it will allow us to experience the fullness of the glory that awaits us in heaven.

Another way to prepare for sports in heaven is to practice healthy habits in our earthly lives. We should be active in physical activity, eating healthy foods, and engaging in activities that bring us closer to God. This will help us to have the energy and strength to participate in the sports that will be available in heaven.

Finally, we can prepare for sports in heaven by learning about the spiritual aspects of sports. We can study the Bible and other spiritual texts to understand how sports can be used to glorify God and bring us closer to Him. We can also find out about the different sports that are available in heaven and how we can excel in them.

By preparing now for sports in heaven, we can ensure that we will be ready to play the sports available in heaven. We will also be able to enjoy the fullness of the glory of heaven and will be able to experience the joy of spending time with God.

FAQs About the Will There Be Sports In Heaven

1. Will there be sports in Heaven?
Yes, there will be. The Bible speaks of an eternal reward and that includes joy, peace, and recreation. Sports will play a part in this eternal reward in Heaven.

2. What type of sports will there be in Heaven?
The Bible does not explicitly specify what types of sports will be available in Heaven, but it does mention activities such as running, singing, and playing instruments.

3. Will sports in Heaven be competitive?
No, the Bible does not mention any competitive sports in Heaven. Instead, it speaks of activities that bring joy and peace to those who partake in them.


In conclusion, the question of whether or not there will be sports in Heaven is ultimately a matter of faith and personal beliefs. While there is no definitive answer, many people believe that sports will exist in Heaven in some form, as a way to bring people together in joy and celebration. Physical activities and games are often seen as a way to bring people closer to God, and many believe that such activities will continue in the afterlife. Ultimately, what sports exist in Heaven is up to God and whatever He has planned for His people.

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